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About the Insight Education Program


  In 2010, Insight began a partnership to offer an alternative choice for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 with social and emotional regulation challenges and diverse learning needs. In partnership with School District No. 73, Insight offers students a customized learning plan that is developed around each student's interests and strengths. This relationship-centred program has been created with a multidisciplinary team of qualified teacher's and specialist's who provide students with multiple means of engaging with the BC Ministry of Education curriculum and encourages students to demonstrate their learning in a variety of exciting ways. The students that attend this program often experience improved attendance, lowered anxiety and greater feelings of success with a sense of belonging, safety, and security. 

  The program has a low student-to-adult ratio providing a flexible environment that organically prepares students to be successful, resilient, emotionally secure individuals who are passionate about life-long learning and contributing to their communities.

Our School

Dedicated Educators

Learning Environment

Learning Environment


Our dedicated teachers and tutors strive to make life easier for our students. We make sure to match the right educator with the right learner in order to get the most out of everyone and bring enthusiasm back into learning.

Learning Environment

Learning Environment

Learning Environment


With our unique non-standard learning environment we put an emphasis on creativity within a structure that has been proven to have a positive impact on learning.   

Our Curriculum

Learning Environment

Our Curriculum


While we follow the traditional outcomes required by the province of British Columbia, we do our very best to individualize each learner's experience.  

Recent Events

Insight student reading out the results of our mock election.

Student Mock Election

Our Middle School and High School students have been working together on a social studies assignment based on the Canadian Federal Election. For the past four weeks, students have been meeting to work through a module by CIVIX and Elections Canada.
On October 21st, 2019, 16 of our students were given the opportunity to vote for the local candidate of their choosing. 


No upcoming events.