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ASD Funded Services

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Behaviour Consultation Services: Behaviour programming for children and youth with complex behaviours.

  • Individual programs are developed using current evidence-based best practices for individuals with complex developmental challenges.
  • Consultants work in partnership with parents/caregivers, school and community team members to complete a Functional Behaviour Assessment and to develop and implement a Comprehensive Behaviour Plan.
  • Consultants focus on skills development, believing that challenging behaviour is most often the result of lagging or missing skills.
  • Consultants focus on strengthening the skills of the individual, but also the skills of the adults in the child’s circle.
  • Plans are reviewed and adjusted as individuals develop skills and priorities change.
  • All approaches and strategies are positive, proactive and strength-based interventions.
  • Respectful relationships are core to all work on behalf of individuals and families.
  • This service is often provided in an individual’s environment and community, with scheduling dependent on the needs of the individual being served.

One-to-one intervention: Behaviour support, Emotion regulation skills, Life skills, Social skills, Employment skills and Mentorship.

  • Relationship-based interventions and skill development.
  • Person-centered one to one interventions and activities that work towards mutually agreed upon goals.
  • Services delivered on a flexible time table, in a variety of locations pertinent to individual’s interests and goals.

Social Development Groups

  • Small groups of children and youth of similar ages, who share interests and strengths as well as challenges.
  • All groups are facilitated by qualified staff.
  • Groups are activity based with a Social Competency curriculum embedded in all activities.
  • Many group activities follow a Relationship Development Intervention approach with a goal of authentic friendships developing within the group.
  • Group curriculum adjusts as group members mature.